Friday, December 3, 2010

Pass A Connecticut Healthy Workplace Bill: Please Sign the Petition

PLEASE CLIICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION: The Healthy Workplace Bill, written by The Workplace Bullying Institute's affiliated law professor, David Yamada, carries no employer mandate, no fiscal impact for the state requiring state agency engagement, and a high threshold of evidentiary proof to assure that only the most serious and egregious cases become lawsuits. It helps employees who have suffered malicious, intention, health-harming abuse from co-workers or bosses, but rewards good employers with escape from liability if they take proactive steps to prevent an abusive work environment. Only chronically bad employers with repeat offenses will be afraid of this incremental legislation.
Connecticut Healthy Workplace Advocates urges Connecticut legislators and its new governor, Dan Malloy, to support this legislation, which has been introduced in prior years.
Over 200 state legislators of both political parties in 17 states since 2003 have sponsored and co-sponsored the anti-abusive conduct Healthy Workplace Bill. The bill has overwhelming support among voters who work for a living.
Dear Members of the Connecticut General Assembly:
I am signing this petition as a Connecticut constituents who supports a Healthy Workplace Bill. It's time to independently trust your heart, to listen to individuals in your district! If employers have to abuse employees to operate, they should lose their right to conduct business or to serve the pubic. We deserve a healthy, productive, safe working environment.

We desire a healthy workplace bill that contains the following provisions, as outlined by the Workplace Bullying Institute:

Precisely defines an "abusive work environment" -- it is a high standard for misconduct

Requires proof of health harm by licensed health or mental health professionals

Protect conscientious employers from vicarious liability risk when internal correction and prevention mechanisms are in effect

Gives employers the reason to terminate or sanction offenders

Requires plaintiffs to use private attorneys

Plugs the gaps in current state and federal civil rights protections

Provides an avenue for legal redress for health harming cruelty at work

Allows those whose health has been intentionally harmed to sue the bully as an individual

Holds the employer accountable if the employer has taken no action to stop the abusive conduct

Seeks restoration of lost wages and benefits

Compels employers to prevent and correct future instances.

The Healthy Workplace Bill will not

Involve state agencies to enforce any provisions of the law

Incur costs for adopting states

Require plaintiffs to be members of protected status groups (it is "status-blind")

Use the term "workplace bullying"

The Healthy Workplace Bill information can be found at

Thank you for your consideration and concern for the workers of our state and for good employment practices.

[Your name]

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